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Explore the world of patchwork quilt design for self-expression through functionality in our online patchwork quilt design classes. Select a class that meets your present needs or one that takes you into entirely new territory. Take online patchwork quilt design classes that help you grow from beginner to advanced levels as a patchwork quilt designer, with emphasis balanced on both design and sewing construction methods. Find new ways of thinking about patchwork quilt design and venture into the world of art quilting as and when you are ready for it.

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Ask for help, and you will receive it! With your knowledgeable, well-trained and experienced instructor virtually ever-present in the classroom, you benefit from direct and personalized advice about every online patchwork quilt design class and project. Shared photos and comments allow all students to maximize the learning experience in a private venue among other quilters taking the same course. Lesson by lesson Q&A’s keep all discussions targeted on specific course materials unless someone shares a joke or a personal experience, always welcome!

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Dress up and meet us in class first thing every Monday morning, or work in your pajamas from 11 p.m. on Thursday until 4 a.m. on Friday, regardless of your local time zone. Study from the privacy of your home and have the necessary supplies and tools at your fingertips without the hassles, cost and wasted time of packing and traveling. Your online patchwork quilt design class is always open, your classmates and instructor always waiting to hear from you — at your comfort and convenience! Money back guarantee!

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Free Online Quilt Design Mini-Class, Sudoku QuiltsFREE Quilt Pattern Included!


Sudoku Quilts

Take our FREE online quilt design mini-class Sudoku Quilts!

In three quick lessons, learn how to design millions of patchwork quilts based on popular Sudoku puzzles, each more remarkable than the last.

Gain confidence in your understanding of quilt design, design and make patchwork quilts to suit your dimensions, and have fun learning and putting into practice a better understanding of color in quilts.

Our gift to you–Sudoku Quilts–is FREE! Enroll today!!



Featured Quilting Instructor

Dena Dale Crain

Patchwork quilt artist, designer, online and international teacher, author, lecturer; owner of QuiltEd Online

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Class was great…even beyond my expectations. I learned so much and her method was so easy . . . I’m amazed at what I produced and also at the designs the other students came up with. Dena was the best!!! The material was very thorough and easy to understand. She always responded quickly and gave detailed answers and coaching. I want to take all her classes!!

— MW, Colorado

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